Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Before Pictures of the Living Room

I was determined I wasn't going to show you these pictures until the after was revealed but I just had to show you the most awful before pictures of our living room to be. We had this house hauled onto our acreage in order to redo it and live in it until we build a new house of our own.

Well this house has proved to be alot of work and we still aren't finished. Nope...we are staying in the office to be.

Our plans were simple and have become a bit more complicated with so much work to do but we are pushing hard for the next few weeks in order to turn this house into our home.

I've been debating on colors. The ceiling of course is going to be painted out in all white.

The walls I'm thinking of a honey tan or cocoa color. Maybe one darker accent wall in the darker color. My curtains I'm thinking red. The floor has been changed to wood beams and that is our current project we have going. The front door needs a definite paint treatment to conceal the imperfections in it. My cupboards....those are a project all their own.

So now you see what I've been doing....ripping out flooring, tearing down curtains, knocking out old broken vanities, and screwing in wood flooring.

Can't wait to show you the reveal over the next few weeks.

Hope your projects are coming along nicely for the holidays.


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  1. We purchased a home next door to my mother when she was sick. I grew up next door so the house we bought was so familiar but way outdated. It has been 9 years and for the last 3 months we have been living in out dining room. I feel your pain.!!!! And by the way...we have way too much of that paneling also.

    1. Lisa I hope your mom is better now. It's time for the paneling to be updated lol.